• What is PariMatch?

PariMatch online gambling casino is a guarantor of quality online gambling, which has existed for decades in the gambling business. We have the preference of thousands of loyal customers. For yourself, you can find your favorite slot machines, as well as the familiar atmosphere, learn the taste of victory, and feel the excitement.

  • How can I register?

To register on the PariMatch website you just have to click the button “Register” at the top of the site, give your valid e-mail address and come up with a password that you will use to enter your profile. You can also sign up through one of the social media outlets provided. That’s it! You are the owner of the account on PariMatch with an opportunity to play, win and get the winnings.

  • How to sign in to your account?

If you already have an account on PariMatch, you can log in by clicking on the button “Login” and entering your email address and password. If you registered through a social network, simply click on its icon. Please note that the account in our club corresponds to the account in your social network.

  • How do I play on the PariMatch site?

To start playing for real money just register or log in to your PariMatch profile, deposit your game account, then move the mouse pointer to your favorite game and select “Play”. If you want to play for free, it will be enough to choose a game and click “Demo”.

  • How can I change my mail?

The e-mail address assigned to your PariMatch profile can be changed in the personal cabinet. In the main Email address field, you have to enter the new address and save your changes. In the opened window, enter the password from your account or authorize in the social network. After that you have to follow the link in the letter sent to the new email address, thus confirming the change of email address. Without confirming the mail from the letter, the address will not be changed.

  • Do I need any documents to play on your site?

According to the rules of the PariMatch club, the administration of the casino may ask for documents, confirming the identity of the player. The procedure is not complicated and is passed by the player only once. If the client can not show the documents due to any reason, the company has the right to suspend his account until the confirmation of identity.

  • How do I find my favorite game?

You can use PariMatch handy search engine, which is located on the main page, on the right side under the Cashier. As soon as you start typing the name of the game, the system will automatically show you all the matches, which is convenient if you don’t remember the whole name.

  • How to deposit and withdraw my winnings?

To deposit your game balance, you need to click on the button “Deposit” and choose a convenient and affordable payment system, enter the amount of deposit, and the necessary data. Then click on the button “Pay”.

To get the winnings you just need to enter the next tab “Get the winnings”, choose the payment system, to which you want to get the winnings, enter the amount and all the necessary data.

  • I funded my account, but the money was not deposited into my account. What I have to do?

Money may be credited to your PariMatch account within one hour after you have tried to deposit it. If at the end of an hour the funds are not credited to your account, please contact Online Help by clicking on the button on the right side of the site. Our specialists will help you to solve this issue promptly.

  • I applied for withdrawal, but the money remains on my balance. Why?

When you create a request for withdrawal the sum on your game balance is not frozen and not written off. You can continue to play on it. At the same time we recommend you monitor the state of your balance during the game, if it falls below the amount of your withdrawal request, your request will be canceled.

  • How can I cancel my withdrawal request?

To do that you should contact the PariMatch Support department and inform them about your decision. The request will be transferred to the financial department, and the payment request will be canceled as soon as possible.

  • Can I expedite my disbursement request?

This is not possible, because all requests for withdrawal of winnings are processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Each withdrawal is made as quickly as possible.

  • Why am I charged more than I had specified in Cashier?

PariMatch Casino does not charge any commission for replenishment, just like the payment system. The amount that exceeds the deposit itself is the conversion difference. The thing is that when you deposit, your transaction passes through the processing system, where the bill is issued in a currency, and then sent to your purse/card. As a rule, the rate of your wallet/card is higher, due to which the amount appears larger. This is the conversion difference.